Going the distance?
We’ll move you to any big Canadian city.

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You are moving from the Montreal area to another Canadian city?

Long distance move at affordable price

We’ve been moving folks all around the Greater Montreal area for quite some time now. Then, when more and more clients started relocating back and forth, between Montreal and Toronto, we fulfilled that service, too and even came up with a super efficient weekly route that works wonders for those who want, or need to move fast.

We’ve replicated our economies of scale formula to help people move to other cities across the country and it’s working brilliantly. You see, by synchronizing 3 or 4 people at a time, we fill a 53 foot truck and can offer super attractive pricing. Now, if a job, a person or an opportunity shows up at the door, you can comfortably consider long-distance moving services that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. From Montreal to Calgary, Montreal to Vancouver, Montreal to Edmonton or even Montreal to the Maritimes in Nova Scotia or New Brunswick. Start by asking for a free quote. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Complete moving service

As professional movers, we’re specialized in all the fun stuff: our team packs, unpacks, lifts, luggs, disassembles, reassembles, and practically does it all without breaking a sweat. We’ve loaded so many households, we’re experts at optimizing every square foot of that truck you’ve rented, to store your items strategically and deliver them safely from point A to B.

Trying to move a little lighter? Sell, donate or give it away. We deliver anything you’ve recently sold or given to the next owner. Maybe you’ve been shopping for new-er things? We’ll pick that up for you, too.

We enjoy our work and take pride in doing it right. Whether you’re moving your people or your business, know that we’ll move every one of your items, as if it were one of our own.

We’re a family moving families, but we’re also a business. This provides us with a clear understanding of what it means to relocate. Time and efficiency are important. You want the team you hire to come in early, get the job done fast and to be careful. They should also expertly pack and help get you settled, with no delays. Moving is exhausting, and we always do our part to take a load off!

Living or moving on your own

If that’s the case, pick a city and reach out to us. Our goal is to be competitive, collaborative and the easiest moving experience you’ve ever had.


Ready to plan you move?