Moving to or from Montreal?
We can help.

Moving to Montreal?

Or perhaps you’re heading out to another location.

Whether Montreal is about to become home or becoming a thing of the past, we like to think we’re the Montreal movers who’ll make it as seamless and simple as it can get.


STC movers handle all types of moving needs. For family moves or business relocating we’re a trust-worthy, responsible moving team that takes care of your things as if they were our own.

If you’re planning on moving within Montreal or surrounding areas, trust us to help in the process. Our services include packing, moving all your items (including heavy and specialty objects) and even storing your boxes and furniture while you’re in between spaces.

residential moving unpacking boxes

What can we do for you?

  • Pack and unpack
    We can carefully handle this process for you.
  • Lift and move the heavy items
    We’re well-equipped professionals who know how to move the heavy stuff. Save your back and your time.
  • Deliver furniture
    Moving can also mean selling off a few items or acquiring something new. We pick-up and deliver your goods.
  • Optimize space to move fast and efficiently
    Once you’re packed, we know how to maximize space and get everything in the vehicle. With knowledge, experience and all the necessary gear, it doesn’t take long.
  • Relocate big, pricier items that require strength and extreme care
    Pianos and pool tables are great examples.

Moving a business?

Please consult our commercial moving services page to see the extent of our services for business openings or relocations.

Need storage?

If you think you’ll need a place to lay down some, or all of your stuff, in-between moves or for a longer period of time, let us know. We offer convenient storage services in Montreal and the South Shore.

About Montreal

Montreal is the largest city in Quebec and second largest across Canada. Dynamic and diverse, it hosts some of the world’s most reputed festivals and is reputed for its love of food, the arts and creativity. Home to many up-and-coming start-ups, the city is a thriving hot-spot for energy-seeking professionals who want to mix and mingle with a bright, innovative community.


Moving in Montreal is truly unique

If you’re not familiar with Montreal, you may not know about it’s unique ‘Moving Day’, and what the city really looks like, when it’s time for everyone to move. You see, every year on July 1, the city is like this giant game of ‘musical chairs’, where everyone is moving on the same day, and pretty much at the same time. Though for some, it’s a joyous tradition, with a chance to gather, order pizza and beer and get things done, for others it can quickly become challenging.

First, you’ll have guessed that you’ll have to book movers way in advance for this day. Second, traffic in the city can get intense with everyone trying to move at the same time. Third, many streets have limited parking and the famous Montreal ‘caracol’ stairways can make the entrance to many apartments somewhat treacherous.

We can help you navigate all of this.

If you need Montreal movers, reach us and get the job done right.