Piano, pool table and heavy furniture moving

Not everyone should move a piano or a pool table.

Let professional piano movers do it for you.

Certain possessions require extra care, specific skills and experience. If you want to relocate something delicate, heavy, expensive or bulky, try to find people that know what to look out for, and know how to do it right.

The team who does this for you, should measure staircases, hallways and doorways. They also need all the right moving supplies and equipment. They’ll know how to disassemble, protect, move and assemble your item. This is all hard work.

Grand piano moving

Moving your piano

Some think that all it takes to move a piano is a lot of strength so maybe just a couple of strong guys. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Sure, you need some strength. But your equipment and technique are just as important, if you want to protect the instrument and not throw your back out during the process.

Getting that pool table from A to B

Similar to a piano, a pool table is no small investment and shouldn’t be treated as such. The sheer size of the item makes it challenging to move from point A to B, plus you certainly don’t want to scratch it at any point. Consider this, a pool table is by far one of the heaviest items a person can own. But that’s not it: a long and tedious disassembly process if required before you can even think of moving it elsewhere. That’s where we come in.

Pool table moving

Other items you might want handled with extra care

Perhaps you have other items that you’re nervous to leave in the hands of someone else. For example, computer servers for commercial purposes, or a unique piece of furniture that you’re hesitant to add to a residential moving contract.

Some things you just can’t leave to chance. If you’ve spent the money to acquire something valuable, invest in proper care for a successful move.

You’ll protect the object’s value and be happy you did!