residential moving services

If you’re changing homes, you’re probably excited, nervous or both!

Rely on us for a smooth, simple residential moving experience

Are you among those that move gleefully, or is it more difficult to uproot and change addresses?

Either way, the process of packing everything up, relocating and settling somewhere else, can be tiring, stressful and demanding.

But it doesn’t have to be.

We can relieve some of your stress by helping with the following moving services:

  • Packing and unpacking
    Some people enjoy wrapping every little thing, reminiscing and taking their time. For others, this process is long at best, painful at worst. We can do this for you and can even unpack onsite if you’re not into this part of the process either. Just ask.

  • Providing extra muscles to lift those heavy items
    Some things are best done by qualified professionals, with the right equipment. If you’ve ever tried to move a fridge for example, you know what we’re talking about. Hire extra help and move things safely.

  • Delivering specific furniture you just bought or sold
    Sometimes you buy or sell something from a person that can’t actually move it. We’re there to help you seal the transaction.

  • Moving all your boxes, bags and other stuff
    You’re packed. Some things in neat boxes, others filling bags and there’s also all that stuff you can’t put into anything. You’ll need blankets, straps and sturdy assistance to get it all out. Plus, knowing how to fill a truck is an art in itself.

  • Carefully relocating that piano, pool table or other delicate item you need relocated. These things require experience and know-how. If you’re going to move them, move them right. You’ll enjoy them longer.
residential moving unpacking boxes
residential moving unpacking boxes

Moving to Toronto?

We purchased a brand new truck to do weekly trips to Toronto, which make it less expensive for people moving from greater Montreal to Toronto.

Basically, we can safely move anything that matters to you.

All you need to do is decide how much or how little help you’re going to need.