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          Moving to or from Brossard?

          We’re the Brossard movers you’ve been looking for.

          Ready to make the move to a new home or relocate a business?

          We’ll get you moving, in or out, of Brossard!

          STC movers handle all types of moving needs. From changing homes to relocating your business, we’re the responsable, experienced movers who’ll carefully get all your possessions from point A to point B.

          If you’re planning on moving within Brossard or its surrounding areas, trust that we’ll make it as seamless and simple as you’d hope. Our services include packing, moving every item (heavy and specialty objects included), plus storage if you need space to put things down, while you’re in transit.

          residential moving services

          Here’s what we do

          • Pack and unpack
            If the idea of wrapping every little thing drives you crazy, we can step in, handle it all, or at least help with a part of the process.
          • Lift the heavy, bulky stuff
            Our qualified professionals lug the right equipment to move heavy things, safely. That way, nothing breaks, including your back!
          • Deliver furniture that you’ve purchased or sold off
            Seal transactions or exchange items that you just don’t want to leave on a front porch.
          • Move boxes, bags and all the rest
            Once you’re packed and ready to move, how do you optimize space and fit everything in the vehicle? It’s an art form. We do this daily and know how to fit everything in.
          • Relocate pianos, pool tables or other items that require strength and care
            Certain things require know-how. And if you’re moving them around, make sure they’re moved correctly.

          Need commercial movers for Brossard?

          We’ve listed all the services we can offer for personal moving situations, but we’re also business movers. And as business owners ourselves, we understand that time is money, and the sooner you’ve settled in, the sooner your business can start producing at its new location.

          Like a personal move, if you’re relocating or setting-up a first-time business, it’s going to take careful planning, reliability and skill. Trust us to do all of this for you.

          If you need Brossard movers, we’re ready and available to do the job right.

          déménagement d’une famille à Brossard

          About Brossard

          Brossard is a municipality in the Montérégie region of Quebec and part of the Greater Montreal area. In 2016, the census stated its population was 85,721 but it’s a high development area that’s been prospering for years. Diversified and popular, its’ home to the reputed Dix30 commercial complexe, numerous residential areas, brand-new hotels, host for the much-anticipated 2022 south shore REM, and considered the commercial hub of the South shore!

          Though our offices are technically located in St-Hubert, we’re close-by and we know the area well. If you’re moving your kin, you’ll be pleased to know there are great schools, loads of delicious dining facilities and spacious outdoor parks. If you’re moving a business, the proximity to Montreal is highly convenient and you’ll soon discover, if this isn’t already the case, that being, and staying on the South Shore can be extremely advantageous.

          Having to organize your move?