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            Brossard Movers Who Get the Job Done Right

            No matter where you’re coming from or where your destination is, relocating your home and personal belongings to a new location can seem daunting.

            The challenges are multiplied when you need to move business operations.

            Luckily for anyone moving to, from, or within Brossard, Quebec, STC Movers can help with all your relocation needs.

            Our Brossard movers have years of experience in the industry. We provide all the tools needed to safely move your home furnishings, store inventory, or cumbersome specialty items to your new residence or place of business in perfect condition.

            We can even help you with those parts of the relocation process that are often overlooked by our competitors, like packing and short-term storage.

            Whether you’re moving your growing family into your forever home or upgrading your small business to a more prosperous location in Brossard’s thriving commercial district, our Brossard movers will have your back every step of the way.

            Call our Brossard moving company today to get a free quote on your upcoming moving project.

            Our Reviews

            Mylène Laberge-Bédard Avatar
            Mylène Laberge-Bédard
            12/21/2022 - Google
            Très belle expérience. L’équipe est professionnelle et respectueuse. Nous n’hésiterons pas à référer cette entreprise. Merci beaucoup!
            Evgenia Lobodenko Avatar
            Evgenia Lobodenko
            12/21/2022 - Google
            C'était un bon service rapide et efficace. Les gars sont arrivés à l'heure. Merci beaucoup!
            Lorraine Avatar
            12/11/2022 - Google
            You made this move during this very cold weather stress free. Very courteous, friendly, professional. Definitely our new movers for my entire family. Thank you so much!
            Suzanne Vermette Avatar
            Suzanne Vermette
            12/11/2022 - Google
            Très bon service, les gars sont courtois, rapides et professionnels. Je les recommande à tous 🙂
            Julie Occleston Avatar
            Julie Occleston
            12/11/2022 - Google
            Great value!We had a move two weeks ago with Fares,Alex and Pierre Luc.This group of young men were very polite, efficient and professional.The team work was outstanding.All furniture was carefully wrapped and sealed with blankets.They went above and beyond setting up our furniture on arrival. Would highly recommend this group again.
            Viviane Corcos Avatar
            Viviane Corcos
            12/11/2022 - Google
            My experience with this moving company was amazing ! Movers were punctual and handled our items with care . They are quick and honest with their pricing . Strongly recommended movers!!!!!
            Carol Eatman Avatar
            Carol Eatman
            11/11/2022 - Google
            Quick response, good price, movers were friendly and very helpful and got the job done!!
            Anabel Hebert Avatar
            Anabel Hebert
            11/11/2022 - Google
            Excellent service. Les déménageurs sont arrivés à l’heure. Il étaient très professionnel, super amical et gentils en même temps. Le tout s’est fait dans un délai raisonnable. Je les recommande à 100%.
            Danielle Richer Avatar
            Danielle Richer
            11/11/2022 - Google
            Gens très professionnels,réponse rapide de soumission même le dimanche, accommodants vu le peu de délai pour déménager un électroménager.
            brossard movers

            Why Should You Rely on Professional Movers in Brossard?

            If you think renting a large truck and moving your belongings on your own would be easier, think again.

            Our professional service brings a lot more to the table than just transportation equipment! Our hard-earned industry know-how will come in handy in ways you never expected.

            Experts in Relocation

            Our Brossard movers have been working in the relocation industry for many years. We’ve helped more clients move their belongings from one place to another than you can count.

            When you hire our moving experts, you get to benefit from all our knowledge and expertise. You can always be sure that your belongings are in safe hands and that your move will go as smoothly as possible.

            brossard movers

            Help with Every Stage of the Process

            Our team of hardworking Brossard movers here at STC won’t just throw your stuff into a truck and drive away. Not only will we use our industry knowledge to stow your belongings in the safest way possible for transportation, but we can also help with other aspects such as packing, coordination, and handling any cumbersome specialty items such as pianos or pool tables.

            Read on below for a comprehensive list of the services we provide.

            Reduce the Stress of Moving

            Relocating your home or business from one location to another is never a 100% stress-free experience – even thinking about moving can be stressful!

            But we can reduce that as much as possible.

            When you have a team of experts helping you with every step of the process, it gives you the space to relax and breathe so you can focus on what really matters. Let our highly-trained Brossard movers handle the heavy lifting so you can enjoy the move with the peace of mind you deserve.

            Moving Soon? Let us handle it!
            Call +1 (438) 796-4175

            brossard movers

            What Brossard Moving Services Do We Provide?

            When you hire our professional moving company, you get so much more than just a few guys and a truck.

            Our dedicated Brossard movers can provide you with a wide range of services that can alleviate the pressure associated with every aspect of the moving process. Here are just a few of the benefits you can take advantage of when you hire STC.

            Residential Moving Services

            At STC Movers, we understand that moving to a new home can be anxiety-inducing. Who wouldn’t worry about all of their precious belongings making it to their destination in one piece?

            Luckily, our Brossard movers are bona fide experts in residential relocation. We’ve helped countless clients move to new private residences all over Canada, and we have everything it takes to do the job safely and efficiently every single time.

            loading truck

            Commercial Moving Services

            Brossard, Quebec, is home to a booming commercial district. It’s a common destination for small businesses in Canada looking to increase their client bases and upgrade their spaces.

            If you’re looking to move your business’s storefront or office space to a new location in this thriving area, our Brossard movers are just the team for the job. We’ll help you quickly move your inventory and furnishings into your new space with care.

            Long Distance Moving

            Moving is already a stressful experience, regardless of the circumstances. But relocating to a new city a considerable distance away is even more overwhelming. With STC, you don’t have to worry about a thing.

            Our capable Brossard movers will ensure your long-distance move goes as smoothly as possible. When you hire our team, you can always count on your belongings surviving the journey between any two cities in Canada, whether it’s Ottawa, Toronto, Quebec City or Vancouver.

            packing services

            Unique Specialty Item Handling

            If you own a large, cumbersome, delicate, or awkwardly shaped piece of furniture, it may keep you up at night thinking of how you’ll move it safely to your new home. But there’s no need to worry when you hire STC – we will:

            • Listen to your instructions on the item’s care requirements
            • Plan in advance to ensure we have all the necessary equipment and staff
            • Keep you informed so you know we’re taking total care of your belongings

            Our Brossard movers specialize in handling tricky items like pianos and pool tables, so your unique pieces will always be in capable hands.

            Temporary Storage

            It’s hard to plan a moving schedule, especially for larger moves. Often there is an awkward gap between the time you need to vacate your old living space and the time you can move into your new home.

            When you take advantage of our temporary storage services, you never have to worry about having a place to keep your belongings in the interim. We’ll ensure that everything is safely stowed away until you get the keys to your new place.

            stc truck

            Packing Services

            Packing up all your belongings in preparation for a move can feel like a never-ending and impossible task, especially for those with limited mobility. Most people don’t know what materials to use or how to properly arrange things so they won’t get damaged in transit.

            That’s why our Brossard movers here at STC are happy to assist you with the packing process. We’ll supply the materials and ensure that everything is packed up as securely as possible to reduce the risk of accidental damage during transportation.

            Additional Benefits

            In addition to the formal services we provide, working with experts in any field always has added perks that just come with the territory.

            With our Brossard movers by your side, you’ll benefit from our coveted insider knowledge on safe packing practices, efficient coordination, smart travel routes, safe furniture delivery and more.

            Whatever you need, we’ve got it covered. Submit the form today to get started.

            Moving Soon? Let us handle it!
            Call +1 (438) 796-4175

            unloading truck

            How Does the Moving Process Work?

            When it comes time to move your commercial enterprise or household to a new location, you might not know where to begin with the process. That’s what we’re here for!

            Here is a brief overview of the main steps you should take when preparing to hire our professional Brossard movers to assist with your relocation project.

            Downsize First

            When relocating to a new residence, your goal should be to move with as few belongings as reasonably possible. That’s why we always recommend decluttering and downsizing in advance of your move.

            Donate any possessions or pieces of furniture that aren’t necessary or won’t fit comfortably in your new home to reduce your load and make your move easier.

            Contact Your Trusted Brossard Movers

            Once you’ve gotten rid of anything you don’t need, it’s time to reach out to the best movers for assistance. When you call our Brossard movers at STC, we’ll give you a free quote for our services so that you won’t be hit with any unexpected costs come moving day.

            Once you get your estimate, schedule a service date with our experienced staff and then move on to the next step.

            pool table moving

            Acquire Packing Supplies

            Before the Brossard movers come, you’ll need to ensure all your belongings are securely packed up for transportation. If you’re taking advantage of STC’s state-of-the-art packing services, feel free to skip this step!
            Otherwise, be sure to get boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap, and anything else you may need to ensure your possessions are protected during the journey.

            Develop Your Moving Day Itinerary

            Once you’re scheduled and packed, it’s time to figure out the logistics of the move. Set up a plan for moving day, taking into account when our movers should arrive and how long the journey will take.

            Make sure everything that needs to be moved is ready to go and accessible to our Brossard movers. Appliances should be unplugged, and drawers should be emptied.

            Consider if you will need to clean the space after your belongings have moved out, if you will need to arrange for elevator accommodations, and what the parking situation will be.

            Moving Soon? Let us handle it!
            Call +1 (438) 796-4175

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            STC Movers is the Only Moving Company You Can Trust for Your Brossard Move

            When it comes to moving in Canada, there are plenty of companies out there vying for your business. But not all Brossard movers have the same expertise, dedication, and attention to detail that our team at STC brings to everything we do.

            Here are just a few reasons that our Brossard movers outperform the competition every single time.

            Comprehensive Personalized Approach

            At STC, our Brossard movers work closely with each client to develop a personalized approach that works for them. We always consider our clients’ unique needs when coordinating their moves.

            Unparalleled Customer Satisfaction

            We’ve been providing moving services to clients all over Canada for many years, and we have an excellent track record with customer satisfaction. The wealth of five-star reviews from previous customers on our website can attest to this.

            loadin truck near house

            Licensed and Insured

            When hiring a new moving company for the first time, it’s imperative to check that the business is registered and operating legally – and we’re happy to answer your questions.

            Our enterprise has all the necessary licensing and insurance, so you never have to worry about hidden costs or funny business.

            Years of Industry Experience

            Our Brossard movers have been working in the industry for a long time, and we’ve got all the expertise and skill that comes with such long careers.

            Why would you trust any less than the best with your prized possessions?

            Service in French and English

            At STC Movers, we believe that accessibility to all Canadians is a priority. That’s why we offer bilingual service in both French and English so that you can receive assistance in the language you’re most comfortable with.

            Call STC Today for Help with Your Brossard Move!

            Packing up all your belongings and moving to a new place is always a challenge – but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

            With the expert North Shore & South Shore movers at STC by your side, you can leave your worries behind and rest assured that we’ll get everything safely transported in perfect condition, so you can focus on settling in your new home with ease.

            Brossard is not the only location we serve. Among the most popular ones in the South Shore are: Longueuil, Beloeil, Boucherville, Chambly, La Prairie, ChâteauguaySt-Bruno, Sainte-Julie, Saint-Hyacinthe and Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu.

            Contact us by phone or fill out the form on our website to get a free estimate for your Brossard move today!