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          Professional Piano Movers in Montreal

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            piano movers montreal

            Professional Piano Moving Services in Montreal

            When facing a move, no matter the distance, the list of to-dos is lengthy, and the overall job tends to be stressful. Especially when your move will involve safely transporting something as valuable and delicate as a piano, there’s a lot to consider when orchestrating the smooth and swift transition of your home and belongings.

            Never take a chance with valuables like your precious piano. We’re here to ensure your large, heavy instrument arrives entirely unscathed and unchanged wherever you need it.

            We’re ready to come up with the perfect plan for your unique North Shore or South Shore move.

            It all starts with a free quote – get yours now!

            Our Reviews

            Mylène Laberge-Bédard Avatar
            Mylène Laberge-Bédard
            12/21/2022 - Google
            Très belle expérience. L’équipe est professionnelle et respectueuse. Nous n’hésiterons pas à référer cette entreprise. Merci beaucoup!
            Evgenia Lobodenko Avatar
            Evgenia Lobodenko
            12/21/2022 - Google
            C'était un bon service rapide et efficace. Les gars sont arrivés à l'heure. Merci beaucoup!
            Lorraine Avatar
            12/11/2022 - Google
            You made this move during this very cold weather stress free. Very courteous, friendly, professional. Definitely our new movers for my entire family. Thank you so much!
            Suzanne Vermette Avatar
            Suzanne Vermette
            12/11/2022 - Google
            Très bon service, les gars sont courtois, rapides et professionnels. Je les recommande à tous 🙂
            Julie Occleston Avatar
            Julie Occleston
            12/11/2022 - Google
            Great value!We had a move two weeks ago with Fares,Alex and Pierre Luc.This group of young men were very polite, efficient and professional.The team work was outstanding.All furniture was carefully wrapped and sealed with blankets.They went above and beyond setting up our furniture on arrival. Would highly recommend this group again.
            Viviane Corcos Avatar
            Viviane Corcos
            12/11/2022 - Google
            My experience with this moving company was amazing ! Movers were punctual and handled our items with care . They are quick and honest with their pricing . Strongly recommended movers!!!!!
            Carol Eatman Avatar
            Carol Eatman
            11/11/2022 - Google
            Quick response, good price, movers were friendly and very helpful and got the job done!!
            Anabel Hebert Avatar
            Anabel Hebert
            11/11/2022 - Google
            Excellent service. Les déménageurs sont arrivés à l’heure. Il étaient très professionnel, super amical et gentils en même temps. Le tout s’est fait dans un délai raisonnable. Je les recommande à 100%.
            Danielle Richer Avatar
            Danielle Richer
            11/11/2022 - Google
            Gens très professionnels,réponse rapide de soumission même le dimanche, accommodants vu le peu de délai pour déménager un électroménager.
            piano movers montreal

            Montreal Piano Movers You Can Trust

            As our lives progress and we move our valuables from place to place, we learn from experience how important high-quality, professional moving services are!

            When you book with us, you can be sure the proper strategies and techniques are being applied by insured experts, so you never feel your precious items are at risk of loss or damage.

            We know the value of your possessions cannot be overstated, and we honour the importance of handling all your things with the delicate and professional care they deserve. Bringing large and fragile items like pianos to a new destination is a big task, and it’s our mission as trusted piano movers in Montreal to take it off your plate.

            Our professional Montreal piano movers have years of experience caring for homeowners’ treasured belongings during the moving process. We have the specialist knowledge and proven strategies to deliver your prized possession to its new home in perfect condition.

            It takes a lot to entrust someone else with moving your possessions, and we never take that responsibility lightly. For more than a decade, we’ve built a strong reputation as efficient and reliable Montreal piano movers you can count on.

            We move all types of pianos, including grand, upright, harpsichord, and more. Based on the type of instrument being handled, our team knows exactly how to care for it.

            Our professional piano movers in Montreal can help make your move more manageable.

            Moving Soon? Let us handle it!
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            piano movers montreal

            Why Hire a Professional to Move Your Piano?

            Every move we perform in Montreal uses the delicate, focused moving techniques we’ve developed over time. This is required to prevent any potential mishaps that could cause damage to your instrument. Preserving your piano and the rest of your valued possessions is our top priority.

            Sparing the potential risks and damage to your instrument isn’t the only reason to reach out to professional Montreal piano movers. Attempting to move heavy objects yourself puts your own health and well-being in harm’s way.

            From your joints to your spine and everything in between, your body is being put at serious risk when you try to move this massive item on your own. Proper lifting technique and experience are required.

            There’s no need to put yourself at risk or fear a cartoon fate of being smashed by a piano when you work with us! Our highly trained team of moving experts will execute the task with effective equipment and incomparable attention to detail for unbeatable results.

            Successfully moving a piano is a delicate art that requires equal amounts of strength and control. This isn’t a task to be taken lightly or handled yourself. For optimal results, reach out to our licensed, insured, experienced piano movers in Montreal.

            Request a free quote now!

            piano movers montreal

            We Have the Specialized Skills to Move Your Piano

            Moving a piano requires complete focus and demands that zero corners are cut. Cutting corners is how a piano ends up with a dent in the side and streaks of wall paint all over it. Our knowledge and expertise have equipped us to tackle the challenge of moving your instrument with zero risk.

            It might be tempting to believe that you’ll be fine with just a few strong friends and a dolly. Think again.

            Pianists know how sensitive these instruments are to bumps and abrupt movements. Not to mention, the combination of strength and control needed to transport these massive instruments can cause serious strain or injury if mishandled.

            We’re ready to listen to your concerns and requests and come up with a plan that you’re 100% satisfied with.

            Contact us for a free quote!

            piano movers montreal

            The Perfect Plan to Move Your Piano

            As a top-rated Montreal piano mover, we’re impeccable planners who can be counted on to follow through on each step of the process with impressive precision. Moving pianos requires a deep understanding of the intricacies of both the instrument itself and of each scenario, so always entrust the job to skilled professional piano movers.

            To properly move a piano, the following details must be carefully considered:
            * Type (upright, grand, electric, etc.)
            * No. of floors it needs to move in each direction
            * How the pathways and stairs are constructed
            * How far it needs to move to and from the truck

            Every detail, from each key’s tune to the finer features of the piano’s exterior, makes a difference in confidently moving your large instrument to its new location in the exact same condition. Our customers can always rest assured that the condition of their prized piano will be 100% maintained from start to finish.

            In addition, experienced piano movers will be prepared to relocate the instrument by performing tasks such as dismantling, packing and protecting, plastic wrapping, loading onto a skid board, strapping securely, lifting, wheeling, navigating any necessary stairs, and loading.

            Due to the attention to detail required, it’s essential your piano movers in Montreal are familiar with pianos’ parts and needs to avoid risking damage to this valuable investment.

            Moving Soon? Let us handle it!
            Call +1 (438) 796-4175

            piano movers montreal

            We Use Proven Methods

            Lifting and steadily maneuvering more than 1,000 lbs is no small feat. The power and planning involved are not to be taken lightly.

            Maneuvering bodies and pianos is like a choreographed dance, which we always perform with expert precision. Once loaded, it’s secured and transported; then, the process is performed in reverse to unload and perfectly reassemble the piano.

            Only experienced professional piano movers know the trade’s most effective, proven methods for proper lifting and moving these delicate instruments while avoiding harm to both the movers and the pianos.

            The transport of your prized piano should only be entrusted to qualified Montreal piano movers.

            Get a free quote or call us to learn more!

            piano movers montreal

            Montreal Piano Moving Services You Can Count On

            We respect the huge responsibility of moving your things, so we take great care to uphold the highest standards in our practices and performance. We consistently receive great reviews from our delighted clients, and we are dedicated to maintaining that level of excellence.

            Pianos aren’t cheap, and their sentimental value is often just as great as their monetary worth, if not greater. We provide consistent and clear communication, stellar results, and total satisfaction because we never want our clients to worry about their instruments arriving safely.

            We’re committed to making your move as stress-free as it can be.

            Get started today with a free quote!

            piano movers montreal

            Transparency and Expertise Every Step of the Way

            As professional piano movers in Montreal, we pride ourselves on honest and transparent service. Your detailed estimate will be up-front and fair with no surprises – we treat our customers with courtesy and respect.

            Our detailed estimates vary based on the needs of each specific job of moving a piano in Montreal. No two cases are identical, so there will be individual details to consider for every individual move. Our customers can count on receiving specific, reasonable quotes with no curveballs or hidden fees.

            When you invest in the professional services of our best piano movers in Montreal, you can confidently proceed with the rest of your move, knowing your beautiful instrument is in the best possible hands.

            Regardless of your instrument’s type or condition, our local piano movers are ready to start. Let us know about its condition, history, purpose, anything – the more we know, the better! We love to talk to our clients and understand their needs.

            Moving Soon? Let us handle it!
            Call +1 (438) 796-4175

            piano movers montreal

            How Much do Montreal Piano Movers Cost?

            The cost of moving a piano in Montreal depends on several factors, such as the types of buildings at the start and end locations, as well as the type of piano.

            Moving an upright piano, for example, could cost between $300 and $600, while moving a grand piano could cost between $400 and $900, depending on the buildings and floor levels. To transport a harpsichord may cost up to $1,000, again, based on the conditions of the instrument and each space being navigated.

            Our piano movers in Montreal also offer removal and disposal where necessary.

            Hybrid, portable, and electric pianos are much less complicated to move, as they are far less heavy and fragile than traditional pianos. As a result, transporting these types of pianos will not incur additional piano moving fees but will instead charge for the hourly work and travel involved.

            These are just broad samples to provide an idea of what to expect as a projected cost of moving your piano in Montreal, but always remember that individual quotes will vary depending on the details of the job. Every job’s demands differ, from manpower and equipment to how strategic and time-consuming they’ll be.

            As a basic guide, here are some additional price estimates for moving pianos within Montreal:

            Upright piano with three stairs or less$249 - 399
            Upright piano with seven stairs or less$349 - 449
            Upright piano to the second floor$499 - 599
            Upright piano with a crane$899 - 1299
            Grand piano with three stairs or less$349 - 449
            Grand piano with seven stairs or less$449 - 599
            Grand piano to the second floor$799 - 899
            Grand piano with a crane$999 - 1499
            piano movers montreal

            Long Distance Piano Moving Service

            Are you planning a long-distance move to or from Montreal? Our piano movers in Montreal will handle all the details for carefully relocating your upright or grand piano. Our team of professionals can safely transport your instrument to any province, municipality, city, town, or borough nationwide.

            Once again, there are numerous things to remember when formulating a fair and reasonable estimate for any long-distance or local move. Be sure to obtain a more personalized estimate for more reliable pricing, as this is just a general guide and is subject to change.

            Our Montreal piano movers are proud to offer first-class moving services for your instrument. We never compromise on the focus and perfectionism required to deliver your piano in pristine condition, near or far.

            We’ll bear the weight and do all the heavy lifting, freeing you up to focus on easing into the transition of your move. When you sit down at your piano in your new home, you’ll be glad you trusted us to carefully get it there on time, on budget, and in perfect condition.

            Price estimates for long-distance piano moves from Montreal are:

            Montreal to Quebec City$899 - 1399
            Montreal to Gatineau or Ottawa$649-1199
            Montreal to Toronto$799 - 1199
            Montreal to Mon-Tremblant$899 - 1299
            Montreal to Trois-Rivieres$699 - 1249
            Montreal to LavalUpright: $249-749; Grand: $349-999
            Montreal to Shawinigan$799 - 1349
            Montreal to Drummondville$599 - 1109

            Contact Us For Your Montreal Piano Move Today!

            Whenever you need something especially heavy, bulky, or delicate professionally moved in the most prompt and dependable manner, don’t hesitate to contact us.

            Our services are specialized for large instruments, and we’re also prepared to move pool tables, unique furniture pieces, electronics, and whatever else you may need to transport. We’re ready to handle all that heavy lifting, so you don’t have to.

            Our Montreal piano movers will get this big job done smoothly and efficiently, leaving you with outstanding results.

            Get a free estimate or call us at +1 (438) 796-4175 now!