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          Sometimes you have more stuff than space

          Storage units in Montreal and the South shore

          If you’re between homes, you’re going to need to store your things somewhere safe. If you’ve downsized, you may not be ready to sell or donate things that temporarily won’t fit. Regardless of why you need it, storage space can really come in handy when you want to protect and preserve everything you’ve earned over the years.

          Sure, you might be able to split your things between a few friends or in your parent’s basement, but that’s certainly not ideal. You’ll have to move them, find appropriate space and decide where and when you’ll be dropping everything off.

          Think about it. First, you don’t want to spread yourself around and have to coordinate picking everything up, once you’re ready to get all your stuff. It’s work, and coordination, you just don’t need to focus on. Second, you don’t want to risk hurting your back, injuring your friends or breaking expensive items while trying to move it all on your own. We know you’re strong. But we have the equipment and experience to make it easier, and safe. We do this all the time.

          storage boxes

          Simple solutions for temporary storage

          Need extra space to store a fewor many extra things ? Our storage container option (6′ x 4′ x 6′) helps you conveniently store more. Contact us, we deliver your container, you fill it up (or we can do it for you!) and we will lock it and store it, then bring it back at the moment and location of your choice!

          Whether you’re cleaning your garage or relocating to a new place, it gives you room to breathe, see what you’ve got and buy a couple of weeks or months through a simple rental process.

          When it comes to storage, STC movers have your back!

          Ask about our locked, heated storage spaces that are available in different sizes (5×5, 5×10, 10×10, 10×15). The best part? Your things will be safely moved, stored away and then moved again, once you’re ready to settle in. With storage facilities in both Montreal and the South shore, we offer easy access to most suburban communities and the metropolitan area. Just tell us where you are and where you’re going.

          Please note that we also have containers for short-term storage. They’re not heated, but practical for temporary storage needs.

          We make it our business to make moving simple, hassle-free and safe for everyone involved.

          Wondering what exactly you can fit into a storage unit?
          Let’s look at some examples

          • 5’x5’ (1.5 x 1.5 meters)
            This is about the size of a regular home closet so could accommodate very small furniture or some boxes and clothes.
          • 5’x10’ (1.5 x 3 meters)
            The equivalent of what we call a 2 ½ apartment in Quebec. This can accommodate 4 appliances and some boxes.
          • 10’x10’ (3 x 3 meters)
            Roughly the equivalent of what you could own in a 3 ½ sized apartment, including 4 basic appliances and some boxes
          • 10’x15’ (3 x 4.5 meters)
            If you live in a 4 ½ or 5 ½ apartment, this should cover your needs. We can accommodate 4 basic appliances and several boxes.


          Using same-sized boxes allows us to optimize your storage space so we can accommodate more of your belongings. If we pack for you, we’ll make sure this is done, but if you pack yourselves, try and remember this tip, so you can get as much out of your storage as you possibly can. Our team will then ensure furniture, mirrors, appliances and other trickier belongings are safely and properly stored and protected.

          Need storage space shortly?