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            Trusted Laval Moving Service

            Relocating your private residence or commercial storefront to, from, or within Laval can be a stressful and frustrating process, especially if you have to do it alone.

            But with a team of qualified and experienced Laval movers by your side, getting all set up in your new home can be a breeze!

            Laval is one of the largest cities in Quebec and has a lot of draws. Whether you’re coming to take advantage of the abundant commercial opportunities in the Centropolis for your business or you’re looking to move your family to an exciting place full of lots of fun things to do, Laval is sure to have everything you’re looking for.

            So why not make the relocation easier on yourself and hire a problem-free moving service to help you get the job done? Our team here at STC Movers never disappoints.

            Call in today for a free estimate on your upcoming move to Laval, Quebec.

            Our Reviews

            Mylène Laberge-Bédard Avatar
            Mylène Laberge-Bédard
            12/21/2022 - Google
            Très belle expérience. L’équipe est professionnelle et respectueuse. Nous n’hésiterons pas à référer cette entreprise. Merci beaucoup!
            Evgenia Lobodenko Avatar
            Evgenia Lobodenko
            12/21/2022 - Google
            C'était un bon service rapide et efficace. Les gars sont arrivés à l'heure. Merci beaucoup!
            Lorraine Avatar
            12/11/2022 - Google
            You made this move during this very cold weather stress free. Very courteous, friendly, professional. Definitely our new movers for my entire family. Thank you so much!
            Suzanne Vermette Avatar
            Suzanne Vermette
            12/11/2022 - Google
            Très bon service, les gars sont courtois, rapides et professionnels. Je les recommande à tous 🙂
            Julie Occleston Avatar
            Julie Occleston
            12/11/2022 - Google
            Great value!We had a move two weeks ago with Fares,Alex and Pierre Luc.This group of young men were very polite, efficient and professional.The team work was outstanding.All furniture was carefully wrapped and sealed with blankets.They went above and beyond setting up our furniture on arrival. Would highly recommend this group again.
            Viviane Corcos Avatar
            Viviane Corcos
            12/11/2022 - Google
            My experience with this moving company was amazing ! Movers were punctual and handled our items with care . They are quick and honest with their pricing . Strongly recommended movers!!!!!
            Carol Eatman Avatar
            Carol Eatman
            11/11/2022 - Google
            Quick response, good price, movers were friendly and very helpful and got the job done!!
            Anabel Hebert Avatar
            Anabel Hebert
            11/11/2022 - Google
            Excellent service. Les déménageurs sont arrivés à l’heure. Il étaient très professionnel, super amical et gentils en même temps. Le tout s’est fait dans un délai raisonnable. Je les recommande à 100%.
            Danielle Richer Avatar
            Danielle Richer
            11/11/2022 - Google
            Gens très professionnels,réponse rapide de soumission même le dimanche, accommodants vu le peu de délai pour déménager un électroménager.
            laval movers

            Moving in Laval

            Whether you’re moving away from Laval, joining the Laval community from out of town, or relocating to a new residence within the city, the moving process will be overwhelmingly similar.

            Here are the four most important things to take care of in advance so you’ll be set up for success before moving day.


            Moving from one place to another will always be easier when you have less stuff to take with you. That’s why your first step should always be to downsize your inventory.

            Before you reach out to the moving companies, go through your belongings and get rid of anything you don’t need. This will reduce some of the hassles and even save you money on moving costs.

            north shore movers

            Hire a Trustworthy Laval Moving Company

            Once you’ve gotten rid of anything you don’t need, it’s time to call for assistance. Reach out to your trusted team of Laval movers here at STC by phone or by submitting the form above and get a free quote for the cost of service. Then schedule a date for the move with our representative, and you’ll be ready to move on to the next step.

            Pack Up Your Belongings

            Now that your move-in date is scheduled, it’s time to get everything packed up. If you’re taking advantage of STC’s state-of-the-art packing services, then skip this step.

            Otherwise, gather any boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap, and other materials you may need, and make sure everything is packed up securely for transport. Be sure to protect delicate items carefully to avoid unnecessary damage.


            Finally, make sure you have a plan in place for the day of the move. Consider the time the Laval movers will arrive and how long it will take to travel to your new location. Make sure everything that needs to be moved is accessible to the movers, including appliances.

            Be sure to make accommodations for parking and elevator use if necessary.

            Moving Soon? Let us handle it!
            Call +1 (438) 796-4175

            laval movers

            What Are the Benefits of Hiring Professional Laval Movers?

            While you could technically complete the entire moving process on your own without hiring outside assistance, this would be extremely inefficient and leave you stressed out beyond belief. Hiring a qualified team of professional Laval movers is definitely the smarter way to relocate.

            Here are just a few of the many reasons why your moving experience will be exponentially more enjoyable when you rely on the help of our secure moving service.

            Delegate Tasks, Relieve Pressure

            Allowing our highly trained team of Laval movers to handle the process of packing and transporting your belongings from your old residence to your new Laval home can take a lot of the stress of the situation off of your back.

            Plus, it frees you up to take care of the many other tasks that you’re responsible for during this hectic time.

            laval movers

            Comprehensive Assistance at Every Stage

            When you work with a team of professionals instead of trying to handle the entire move yourself, you get help with more than just loading the truck and driving your belongings to your destination.

            Experienced movers can also assist you with packing, coordination, handling tricky items like pool tables and pianos, and even finding the best route to avoid traffic on the way to your new home.

            Years of Industry Experience

            Most people who move themselves have only done it a handful of times throughout their lives and likely haven’t accrued much wisdom on the subject.

            But professional local movers have been wholly dedicated to this industry for years, and they know all of the tips and tricks to get the job done as quickly and efficiently as humanly possible.

            Avoid Strenuous Physical Activity

            Moving involves a lot of heavy lifting and carrying around cumbersome pieces of furniture, activities that certainly are not available to everyone. People with physical disabilities, the elderly, and anyone who doesn’t regularly engage in challenging physical activity may find the moving process to be exceedingly difficult or even unsafe.

            In these cases, it is absolutely imperative to allow professional movers to carry the load.

            Moving Soon? Let us handle it!
            Call +1 (438) 796-4175

            long distance move

            Our Services

            Hiring a moving company is about more than just renting a truck and a driver. Here at STC, our skilled and experienced Laval movers can help you with every step of the process and more while keeping the final bill affordable and without hidden fees.

            Read on below for a comprehensive list of the services our Laval movers offer to our esteemed clients.

            Long-distance Moving

            Transferring all of your belongings from one domicile to another can be overwhelming, even if you’re moving across the street, let alone if your destination is on the other side of the country.

            But with STC Movers, you never have to worry about handling long-distance moves on your own. We provide assistance with relocation between most major cities in Canada, including Toronto, Ottawa, Quebec City, Winnipeg, Calgary and Vancouver.

            packing laval

            Residential Moving Laval

            Anybody would be anxious about transporting the entirety of their personal belongings on the road when moving to a new house. Nobody wants to risk their prized possessions, furniture, and family heirlooms getting damaged during an arduous journey.

            When you choose STC Movers for your residential relocation project, you can rest assured that your cargo will arrive at its destination in perfect condition every time.

            Commercial Sector

            Our moving services don’t just apply to personal domiciles. If you need to move your business headquarters, retail storefront, or other commercial entity, STC Movers can help you with that, too!

            Ask a representative about our commercial moving services, and we’ll give you a free estimate on the cost of service for your Laval move.

            Packing Services

            It can be challenging to know the best way to securely pack your belongings for a move. It’s imperative that everything is placed just right and wrapped in the proper protective materials, or your possessions may not survive the journey.

            Luckily, our moving professionals know exactly how to pack your cargo for optimal security and protection.

            loading truck laval

            Temporary Storage

            It’s fairly common for there to be a gap between the time residents need to vacate their old home and move into their new one. During that interim period, it’s incredibly important that you have a secure place to store your belongings.

            That’s why we offer temporary storage services to our clients, so your stuff always has somewhere to stay.

            Transporting Specialty Items

            Nothing is more challenging than trying to figure out how to get your piano or pool table safely transported to your new residence. Luckily, you don’t have to do it alone.

            At STC, our movers are highly trained in handling particularly cumbersome specialty items, and we have the special equipment and knowledge on how to get even your most challenging pieces of furniture safely transported to their destination.

            Coordination Assistance

            If you haven’t moved very many times in your life, you may not have a good sense of all the moving parts to look out for during the process. But there’s no need to worry. Our professional service is here to help you every step of the way. We’ll provide you with expert guidance on how to complete your move as efficiently as possible.

            Moving Soon? Let us handle it!
            Call +1 (438) 796-4175

            moving truck

            Why Our Laval Movers Are the Top Choice

            We understand that when the time comes to move to a new home or business venue, you have a wide variety of Laval moving companies to choose from. But no other company brings the same level of care and dedication to each and every job as our illustrious team of professionals here at STC.

            Here are some of the main reasons our Laval movers outperform the competition every time.

            Over 214 Five-Star Reviews

            When it comes to the quality of our moving services, the reviews from our previous clients speak for themselves. Just a quick search for our business on any major customer review platform will pull up a plethora of five-star ratings for our excellent work.

            Bilingual Customer Service

            Here at STC, we believe that our clients should be able to receive service in the language they are most comfortable speaking. That’s why our team boasts competency in both English and French, to better serve all members of our community here in Quebec.

            loading truck

            Skilled and Experienced

            Our moving professionals here at STC have been working in the industry for many years, and they have been through all of the necessary training. There’s no team of individuals more qualified to handle your next Laval moving project than we are.

            Unique Approach to Every Client

            Our team understands that every client’s situation is different. That’s why we provide a comprehensive, personalized approach to every job that we do, so we can better address each of our client’s specific needs.

            No other moving company in Laval will give you the same level of personal attention as we do.

            Proper Insurance and Licensing

            One of the most important factors for any business in Quebec is to be properly licensed and insured. Our company has all of the necessary insurance policies and is legally licensed to operate in Canada.

            When looking for the best movers for your next relocation project, never choose a company that does not meet these criteria.

            Call Your Trusted Laval Movers at STC Today for a Free Quote!

            When you’re ready to get started with your residential or commercial move here in Laval, Quebec, never settle for less than the very best Laval movers you can find.

            Our team of expert Montreal movers here at STC Movers is always available to provide five-star quality assistance with your next moving project.

            We serve both North Shore and South Shore Montreal areas and cover all cities from Mascouche, Mirabel, Repentigny and Terrebonne to Châteauguay, La Prairie, Longueuil, Beloeil, Brossard, Saint-Hyacinthe and Boucherville!

            Call in today and speak to a representative to get a free estimate!

            moving truck near house

            Frequently Asked Questions

            What is the best season to move in Laval?

            In terms of both price and availability, winter is the preferred season for relocation in most major cities in Quebec. This isn’t the most popular season for moving, so the rates during these months tend to be low, and there is usually less logistical hassle.

            Conversely, summer is the busiest moving season in Quebec, and the cost at this time is generally higher.

            How can I determine if Laval movers are trustworthy?

            Always do your research before you hire a new team of Laval movers. A quick search through reviews from previous customers online should give you a good idea of their quality of service.

            You can also look online for proof of legal registration, which should always be a prerequisite for the business you work with.

            Should I tip my Laval movers?

            While tipping is not expected in the moving industry in Quebec, a cash tip in recognition of their hard work will always be appreciated by your Laval movers.

            If you do decide to tip, an amount between ten and twenty percent of your total service cost would be considered appropriate.