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Patrick Prévost Avatar
Patrick Prévost

The move went really well and the moving men were very helpful.Thank you

Gloria Murphy Avatar
Gloria Murphy

Thanks very much! I had to move out on short notice so I called and they were able to squeeze me in for a weekend move in the same week.Moved from a large apartment building to a cozy third floor walk-up (...yes imagine the stairs). Completed the move in 3hrs and I had a LOT of items/ boxes/ bigger pieces of furniture. Everything made its transfer, despite another tenant moving out the same day— nothing was lost!Literally could not have done it without the great help.

Melissa Wong Avatar
Melissa Wong

The move went very smooth. The two movers were very polite and did all we asked them to do. Nothing was damaged. They worked fast and did a great job. We are very pleased and would recommend them to any of our friends. Moving is stressful but they did everything to make it go smooth and easy. Thank you.

Robert Rochon Avatar
Robert Rochon

STC movers performed my move flawlessly when called upon at the very last minute when another moving company canceled the morning of the moving day. They were very flexible and responded quickly to my request and sent a team of movers quickly and efficiently. They also have very competitive pricing, and I appreciated them not overcharging me despite the last minute request. I've recommended them to friends also, and everyone was more than satisfied with their moves.

Simona D Avatar
Simona D

The workers arrived during the time they mentioned. Both men worked fast and efficiently and pricing was the lowest. I would recommend this company

Jennifer Wright Avatar
Jennifer Wright

They were very quick and efficient! would recommend

Rach Gurman Avatar
Rach Gurman

Les déménageurs ont été courtoient et efficace. Ils prenaients soin de mon matériel et rien n'a été endommagé lors du transport. Je recommande!

Ruslan Gavrylenko Avatar
Ruslan Gavrylenko

Une équipe fiable, dynamique, professionnelle... totalement à la hauteur de mes attentes! Merci!

Guillaume Bastien Avatar
Guillaume Bastien

Travail super bien fait... de vrais pros ! Très satisfait, je les recommande !

Michel Bruyère Avatar
Michel Bruyère

Il son bien professionnelle et simplement éficase 5 start bravo .

Nicolas Rive-Sud Avatar
Nicolas Rive-Sud

Sadegh Mobarra Avatar
Sadegh Mobarra

Excellent service. J'ai tout coordonné par textos, payé par virement interac. Ce fut rapide, efficace et très abordable!

Philippe Robillard Avatar
Philippe Robillard

Thank you for helping me move..good service, quality moving company..🙂

Nico Dumitrana Avatar
Nico Dumitrana

Nous sommes très satisfaits, les déménageurs sont ponctuels, gentils et professionnels, On recommande fortement.

Maryse Poulin Avatar
Maryse Poulin

Super équipe très efficace et poli!! Je les recommande vraiment!

Esther Aubin-Carrier Avatar
Esther Aubin-Carrier

Moving is incredibly stressful, but the team came over and made the experience so enjoyable. They went above and beyond what was necessary to get the job done. I can’t believe how fast the move went! Thank you so much for everything today, you guys are the best!! I will recommend you to everyone I know!Warmest regards,Liz

Liz Brand Avatar
Liz Brand

Requested a move of heavy credenza. Handling was well done.

Cristina Billones Avatar
Cristina Billones

Really professional and kind

Ilak Avatar

Rosie Avatar

They showed up exactly on time 3 men very polite. Wrapped and packaged all my furniture. No damages or scratches, upon completion their invoice was actually lower than the written estimate. Extremely satisfied with this Big move thank You

Stephen Driver Avatar
Stephen Driver

My movers ROCKED! This was my lowest stress move ever! Kind efficient polite and professional service all round! I would use them again and will recommend them to friends who are moving in the future.

Pearlie Girl Avatar
Pearlie Girl

Work like family. Nothing damaged. Always making sure all is ok throughout the process..fair price. What more can u ask for. Really like these guys. Used them 3x always awesome. Pavel keep.up the good.work!!!!

Philip Boccanfuso Avatar
Philip Boccanfuso

Nous sommes très satisfaits, les déménageurs sont ponctuels, gentils et professionnels. Aucun dommage au meuble ni à la structure. On recommande fortement.

Jacynthe Briere Avatar
Jacynthe Briere

Great company! Team of professionals that will work really well! Rates are very competitive and actually cheaper than elsewhere considering the level of service! Without any hesitation I would recommend that company to my clients.

Timor Tarnopolski Avatar
Timor Tarnopolski

amazing company offering highly professional service! with very intelligent and skillful employees. they were able to move a very heavy and huge piano through a very tough entrance. highly recommend them!

Ekaterina T-o Avatar
Ekaterina T-o

Très bonne expérience avec les déménageurs! Ils font attention aux meubles et électroménagers. Nous avons également fait affaire avec eux pour déménager un piano d'environ 900 lbs!! Ils ont tout le matériel nécessaire, en plus d'avoir des prix compétitifs!! Je recommande grandement leurs services.

Noémie Guérin Avatar
Noémie Guérin

Extremely professional, punctual and even had patience when I had to change my moving day 3 times!! Any problems we had they quickly found a solution to. It was actually a pleasure and not a headache to spend the day with the 2 movers Sou & Bradley!!! I highly recommend this company!!JenniferChateauguay

Jennifer Bonner Avatar
Jennifer Bonner

Pierrick Charron Avatar
Pierrick Charron

C'était mon premier déménagement avec un professionnel (St-Bruno à Lévis). Ça c'est très bien passé. Arrivé à l'heure, respect de l'estimation de prix et respect du temps estimé. Je recommande cette entreprise. 🙂

Phil Portugal Avatar
Phil Portugal

Ils sont arrivé à l'heure prévue, très bon service. Tout a été super bien. Les employés etaient professionnels et polis

convo Avatar

Perry Kourkoulis Avatar
Perry Kourkoulis

Nous avons eu un excellent service . Les employés étaient courtois , a l'écoute de nos besoins et aucun dommage a nos meubles.Le tout avec une rapidité et professionnalisme. Franchement pour mon prochain déménagement je refais affaire avec eux !!

Cheryl Ash Avatar
Cheryl Ash

Amazing team, great job, I’m so happy, thank you so much for a great service

aharon rahamim Avatar
aharon rahamim

Nadia Merghich Avatar
Nadia Merghich

Very happy with the moving experience! All packed perfectly and delivered safely. Used this moving company second time and both times had great experience. Highly recommended. Great team! Thank you!

Julia Kivert Avatar
Julia Kivert

Samuel Gagnon-Rolland Avatar
Samuel Gagnon-Rolland

I have used STC moving service for a 4 and half apartment and honestly, I could not ask for more. The service was very neat, clean and professional even with the COVID-19. The guys were very professional and have done their work very efficiently; I have moved 5 times within Montreal and I swear it was the best with no doubt and no competition with the other. I highly recommend their services if someone is looking for movers, those guys will get it done in no time and will transport your staff safely 🙂 Thank you guys for making up our day and I would definitely use your services again and again if I plan a second move.

Soliman Abu Samra Avatar
Soliman Abu Samra

Merci beaucoup à votre service !!! Vous avez fait un excellent travail, c'était très rapide, pratique et avec une grande attention. Je recommande ça pour tout le monde qui va déménager.

Sergii Semenchenko Avatar
Sergii Semenchenko

The movers showed up right at the beginning of the time slot and were very effecient. They mived everything cerfully and quickly and even took things apart to get them out of our apartment. I qould recommend them to people looking for movers.

Kyle Hallett Avatar
Kyle Hallett

Amazing service. Super nice guys Helpful and friendly. Great move - fast and easy. Thank you.

Fabio Goran Grozdanovic Avatar
Fabio Goran Grozdanovic

Zhijun Zhang Avatar
Zhijun Zhang

Stacy Polirakis Avatar
Stacy Polirakis

Very happy with the moving experience! All packed perfectly and delivered safely. Used this moving company second time and both times had great experience. Highly recommended. Great team! Thank you!

Julia Kivert Trujillo Avatar
Julia Kivert Trujillo

Rapide et efficace! Je suis très satisfait de leur service.

Gregory Gegoux Avatar
Gregory Gegoux

Très bon service. Les déménageurs n’ont pas arrêté de la journée. Ils n’ont rien brisé. Ils ont été très consciencieux.

Myriam Chrétien Avatar
Myriam Chrétien

Kathy Doré Avatar
Kathy Doré

ZM TL Avatar

Very friendly guys , they were quick and professional, they took care of all the wrapping.

Mark Bruk CEO, JobMap Avatar
Mark Bruk CEO, JobMap

Je vous recommande STC Déménagent!Ce fût ma première expérience avec un service de déménagement et ce ne sera sans doute pas la dernière fois.Un service impeccable, professionnel, très courtois et respecte vos demandes selon votre budget.

Francesca Rodi Avatar
Francesca Rodi

Les gars étaient super gentils et professionnels. Très bons services ! Merci!

Émilie Godin Avatar
Émilie Godin

Première expérience avec cette compagnie. Très satisfaite, les déménageurs était à l’heure. Très rapide et professionnel. En 3 h tout était fait et entreposer. Encore merci de votre rapidité

Val Langevin Avatar
Val Langevin

Nasser Semmache Avatar
Nasser Semmache

Les déménageurs ont bien fait leur travail. Ils sont arrivés à l’heure et on fait attention à mes meubles. Je suis très satisfaite!

LLB Avatar

Very good service. Fast and efficient, would recommend and use again.

Alexandre Bastarache Avatar
Alexandre Bastarache

Really good service, they handled stuff with care. The movers had a really good attitude. I am so happy about the service.

Hanieh Alipour Avatar
Hanieh Alipour

Karim Laz Avatar
Karim Laz

Excellent service. Je recommande fortement cette équipe de déménagement.

Nadia Paquette Avatar
Nadia Paquette

Great service, would recommend!

Anthony Henry Avatar
Anthony Henry


A Z Avatar

Евгений Поляков 1131 Avatar
Евгений Поляков 1131

christopher gingras Avatar
christopher gingras

Très bon service et professionnel. Ils ont emballé tous les gros meubles et ont pris soin de les installer au bon endroit avec précaution. Super sympathique!

Joanie St-Hilaire Avatar
Joanie St-Hilaire

Liudmyla Iurcovschi Avatar
Liudmyla Iurcovschi

Had a wonderful move thanks to the professional, friendly and responsible movers from STC. Having had previously bad experiences with other moving companies, I was expecting the worse. But nothing close to nightmarish happened and I recommend them highly. They worked fast without wasting any time and were friendly throughout. Thank you for the happy experience.

Lucy Shih Avatar
Lucy Shih

I had a very pleasant experience with the two young lads that did my move. They worked quickly and carefully while being also being friendly. Everything went smooth. I was afraid we would have to undo my bed and reinstall it at my new place which would be a pain and we did have to do such but they made it really easy and installed my bed in no time (would have taken me hours again I’m sure). Really appreciate the experience as I’m quite the worrying kind of person. Decent quote as well! Would recommend and do business with again in the future.

S Lacasse Avatar
S Lacasse

Василий Юрьев Avatar
Василий Юрьев

Hard working movers, were generous with their time when our needs changed. Would use again.

Jennifer Kinsey Avatar
Jennifer Kinsey

Ils ont pris soin de nos meubles et ont déplacé le tout avec rapidité et efficacité. Nous recommandons !

Justine Favreau Avatar
Justine Favreau

Someone gave us this company’s number telling us that the service was very good. We therefore called and the owner came to see our home that very same day to estimate the price for the move. He was very professional and helpful. Nothing was scratched during the move and we had several very heavy items. They were easily available on the days we needed moving. I would definitely recommend this company to any and to all, and would go with them again if I needed to move once more!

Zina Avatar

On time ! Fair quote ! Treated my stuff carefully and were professional. No unexpected surprises ! Had all the tools required to help dismantle and reassemble. Not a minute was wasted. Efficient ! Polite. Definitely would hire them again.

David Walter Rothschild Avatar
David Walter Rothschild

The best

A Z Avatar

One of the best expiriense, everything arrived intact and on time. Highly recommend


Very professional. Very fast. When others refused, this company did within one hour. I highly recommend it to everyone. We lack this service, everyone would work like that.

Valentin Platon Avatar
Valentin Platon

They were amazing at handling the furniture. Super fast. On time. Very polite and professional. I highly recommend them.

Anto Gisonti Avatar
Anto Gisonti

Excellent service! Les employés faisaient bien attention à nos meubles et ont été ponctuels et très courtois! Très heureuse de faire affaire avec eux à nouveau pour notre 2e déménagement le mois prochain!

Roxane Paquette Avatar
Roxane Paquette

Véronik Lepage Avatar
Véronik Lepage

Awesome service and nice people came to assist. I will refer my frnds too

Dileep Rajmohan Avatar
Dileep Rajmohan

They gave a flat rate and stuck to it. Arrived on time and cared for every detail. Handled every issue with ease. (There were lots of issues!) Not one problem occurred and they moved awkward furniture.Such a great first experience, I called them back for more help.Very impressed!💯

Maradora Horner Avatar
Maradora Horner

Moi je n'ai que du positif, très gentil mais surtout bon travaillant, devait monté mon divan par le balcon au 2ieme étage et tout a été parfait et vite fais. Merci .

myrianne greaves Avatar
myrianne greaves

Je vous recommande fortement cette entreprise pour votre déménagement. Le service est tres professionnel , rapide et courtois. Merci pour votre services.,

France Lafleur Avatar
France Lafleur

Montreal’s best moving company, The rates are very good and with theses experience guys you definitely can’t go wrong. Fast hard working guys that will have you laughing all day. If I could give 10 stars I would. Honesty is the best policy and I would never choose another company over these guys. Definitely reliable, experienced, and honest. A+ service..

Ryan Thompson Avatar
Ryan Thompson

Excellent service rapide et courtois.Merci ! Je recommande.

France Landi Avatar
France Landi

I needed help moving out of my parent's place into a 2 bedroom apartment and called STC MOVERS. They sent over crews and spent about 4 hours to move me to the city with no problems. Everything went pretty smooth and they were very efficient. This company is very professional and handles their moves with care.Highly recommend STC MOVERS to friends and family!!

Vessel Goria Avatar
Vessel Goria

Professionels, rapides et efficaces. Pas de niaisage avec le prix. J'ai été très satisfait de leur service et les recommanderai sans hésitation.

Grégory Gérogoy Gégoux Avatar
Grégory Gérogoy Gégoux

They gave a flat rate and stuck to it. Arrived on time and cared for every detail. Handled every issue with ease. (There were lots of issues!) Not one problem occurred and they moved awkward furniture. Such a great first experience, I called them back for more help. Very impressed!💯

Maradora Horner Avatar
Maradora Horner

Déménagement Saint-Hubert

Repair Man Avatar
Repair Man

Awesome service.

anish goel Avatar
anish goel

Laurence Savoie Avatar
Laurence Savoie

Jocelyne Richard Avatar
Jocelyne Richard

So for July 1st 2018, I had a hired a moving company for 13:00 that never showed up. I was lucky to be able to leave all my stuff at the new tenant's place but had to sleep at a friend's house. I was exhausted and stressed because I knew I had to get my stuff out of there the next day and didn't know if I'd be able to find a comany that fit my budget.I called STC because a good friend of mine had hired them to move some appliances and said they were very professional. I called and spoke to a man named Pavel.That same day, his team arrived EARLIER than expected and finished my move 30 minutes BEFORE my estimation of the time it would take.It was 45° and both the guys worked like beasts but were careful with my items. They talked only when it had to do with the move; they were not wasting time. Their communication concerning logistics was on point, they worked as a team should.During the move, Pavel called to check in and find out how the move was going.Before they arrived at my place, they had done a move and, after me, they were going to do another one!!! I will hire them again and recommend that anyone who needs movers should go with STC without hesitation.

Krisztina Varga Avatar
Krisztina Varga

We scheduled movers for June 1st to move from Montreal to Ottawa. Our original movers that morning never showed up and we were stranded and needless to say panicking. After calling around to find any movers to help us thankfully STC movers were there to help! Right away they empathize with our situation and literally went out of his way to see what he can do for us. We had two movers just a few hours later at our door who were professional and did an amazing job. This was probably one of our most stressful days I can remember.. if it wasn't for theses guys I can't tell you how horrible it could have been. Truly grateful and highly recommend them to everyone. Also, don't be fooled by these no name movers out there.. stick with the professionals!

Martin Walsh Avatar
Martin Walsh

Very professional and fast very recommended +++

Eli “Goldberg” Eats Avatar
Eli “Goldberg” Eats

They came in time and offered a very professionnal service, they were really efficient. I recommand!

Nabila Rhanem Avatar
Nabila Rhanem

I dealt with The company last week.They did a good job over all. They provided insurance policy upon request. The moving guys were nice and help us with the installation of our table. Every thing was covered and moved carefully. I would recommend them.

Andrew Protopopescu Avatar
Andrew Protopopescu

This company helped us to move 3 appliances (stove, fridge and dishwasher). It was really nice experiance for us: the guys were very polite, the price was really affordable. The appliances were used but they still covered them to keep from any scratches. I think it's the best company you can find to move your stuff. It's so nice to be sure that the job will be done perfect. Thanks a lot!

Diana Li Avatar
Diana Li

Blazer et max sont de vrai machines . Efficace et très débrouillard . Et prix en rapport très raisonnable .bonne expérience malgre tout déménagement est stressant , ils m'ont enleve gros stress . Je vous remercie enorénormé.

Ghyslain Nadeau Avatar
Ghyslain Nadeau

WOW je vous recommande fortement. Le service à été excellent du début à la fin. Aucune surprise sur la facture à la fin. Les déménageurs sont très courtois, sympathiques, rapide et efficace. Ce fut très rassurant et tout s'est bien déroulé. Je ferai affaire à nouveau avec eux lors de mon prochain déménagement c'est sur! Un gros merci à toute l'équipe !

Jessica Carboni Avatar
Jessica Carboni

Great and very professional service.

Frédérique Gauthier Avatar
Frédérique Gauthier

Repair Man Avatar
Repair Man

This is the second time i use STC and ive got to say i am not dissapointed ... great service... hard working movers made our transition to a new city much more relaxing... i will def keep them in my contact book for futur buisness.

Julie Filion Avatar
Julie Filion

Demenagement STC INC Avatar
Demenagement STC INC

Great Service - Super service !

Serge Sam Avatar
Serge Sam

Good service

Iricanado trend Avatar
Iricanado trend

The movers were very professional. Moved everything without any problem never complained. Excellent service I recommend them. Thanks guys

maria gallucci Avatar
maria gallucci

I would recomend this company they did à fantastic job moving my expensive furniture.

Repair Man Avatar
Repair Man

I had an amazing experience with their team. In the worst heat on record, his team did not make one complaint. They were efficient, courteous and did not slow down for one minute.I would recommend them over and over.

Abie Haim Avatar
Abie Haim

Incredibable service. I moved my house and company and went very smooth thanks to Pavels team of fantastic movers...

Nick Vocino Avatar
Nick Vocino

STC was most efficient from booking through to completion of the job. They were fast, corteous, very well priced and fully equipped for the job. Exactly what I hoped for when I hired them based on other reviews.

Kevin Gasior Avatar
Kevin Gasior

We used their service twice. First time for moving and second - for delivery of some construction materials. Both times guys worked great. Reliable company, reasonable price and they are always in great mood! Thanks!!!

Renovation MTL Avatar
Renovation MTL

Amazing service as usual. Thanks Pavel!

Everybody Loves English Avatar
Everybody Loves English

We've recently used the STC Movers' services. We were impressed by the excellent service and affordable price. Nobody took a better care of our furniture than the MTC Movers' guys.

Tetyana Tsomko Avatar
Tetyana Tsomko

Très bon service et même sympatique!

Bruno-Pierre Levesque Avatar
Bruno-Pierre Levesque


Nick A Avatar
Nick A

One of my best moving experiences ever, everything went nice and smooth, no damages. Everything was professionally wrapped and carried. Polite and pleasant people to work with. I highly recommend this company to everyone.

Valentyn Smagin Avatar
Valentyn Smagin

I dont even know where to be begin im so impressed with the service. I was a little worried considering i had brand new washer dryer to move but they were so careful. They finished the job quickly and took good care of my stuff. They definitly deserve a 5** thanks guys!

Amanda Biancucci Avatar
Amanda Biancucci

Very satisfied with their service. They were on time, the move was done quickly (and carefully), and no surprise charges! Definitely will use again and recommend to everyone.

Peggy Chateauneuf Avatar
Peggy Chateauneuf

Bon service et très efficace

Sébastien Cormier Avatar
Sébastien Cormier

Very fast and efficient! Great work by these guys!

Zachary Burt Avatar
Zachary Burt

Très bon service très rapide !!!! Je recommande fortement !!!!!

simon duhamel Avatar
simon duhamel

Posting on behalf of my mother.“Pavel was great!, he worked like a dog--with a smile on his face! Helped out with moving around my stuff at no extra charge! A1 service, highly recommend.”

jo mamma Avatar
jo mamma

C'est vrai que c'est un service fiable et sérieux.Pas de complications inutiles, c'est fait, c'est bien.😊

Michèle Le Febvre Avatar
Michèle Le Febvre

This moving compagnie is simply good! They care about your stuff and you feel it. Pavel, best service in 5 years of working with movers.

Michael Denault Avatar
Michael Denault

One of the best moving company

Pavel Johnson Avatar
Pavel Johnson