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           In Packing

          Moving to a new house is hardly a pleasant experience for most people.

          Apart from the logistics and paperwork that needs to be done, there is always a hidden worry about the security of your items.

          Kitchen items like glasses and dishes are of the most concern here because of how fragile they are and how much time they take to pack properly.

          Luckily for you, we’ve prepared a guide for packing dishes and glasses that will ensure that your items stay safe during transit.

          packing supplies

          Packing Supplies For Dishes and Glasses

          Before you start the packing process, it’s a good idea to prepare all the materials you will need.

          In order to securely pack glasses and dishes, you’ll need the following:

          1. Packing paper
          2. Tape
          3. Scissors
          4. Medium-size moving boxes
          5. Marker
          6. Empty paint buckets (optional)

          Unlike packing other items, packing dishes and glasses is better to be done without bubble wrap. As helpful as it is during the move, it’s hard to mould it around the plates, and it takes way too much space in the box.

          Newspapers can be a good alternative as long as you fold them several times for extra protection and avoid any water getting on them, as it can lead to some of the ink bleeding onto the dishes.

          An empty paint bucket can be an alternative to a moving box for plates. The packing process there will be the same, but the safety of your plates will be higher due to the form of the bucket.

          secure the box

          Step 1: Secure The Box

          Before you start packing, it’s best that you reinforce the bottom and sides of the box with a couple of extra layers of tape.

          Even though most glasses and dishes seem small, they have a lot of weight due to the materials they’re made of, and they can easily add up to more than your box can handle.

          So use some tape to avoid your box falling apart at an unexpected moment during the move.

          add cushion to the bottom

          Step 2: Add Cushion To The Bottom

          Before you start putting your dishes into the boxes, it’s a good idea to add a couple of extra layers of packing paper to the bottom.

          This will add an extra layer of security and reduce the chances of your dishes chipping or breaking apart if the box falls down or the road is really bumpy.

          packing plates

          Step 3: Start With Plates

          Just like in any other packing, you should always put the heaviest items at the bottom. In this case, it is large dishes and plates.

          Wrap them individually with packing paper and then additionally wrap a group of 4 or 5 plates. His will keep them together and reduce damage from moving around the box.

          Once they’re wrapped, put them in the box vertically, the same way you put them in a dishwasher. When dishes are stacked vertically, the way you keep them in a cupboard, they are far more prone to break.

          packing bowls

          Step 4: Pack Bowls Second

          Once the heaviest items are in the box, it’s time to put there the second heaviest items – bowls.

          You need to wrap them individually and place them on top of the dishes or on the side of the box.

          Remember not to stack more than 2 bowls together, and always use an extra layer of packing paper between bowls.

          It’s also advised to keep the number of layers of dishes and bowls in each box to no more than 2. If you have more, it’s better to pack them in a different box.

          packing glasses

          Step 5: Finish with Glasses

          Glasses are packed last because of how light and fragile they are.

          At this point, it’s better to get another box for them because you already have 2 layers of dishes and bowls.

          Put each glass on a piece of packing paper and insert some paper into the open end of the glass. Roll the glass and tuck the sides in.

          For extra thing pieces, add 2 or more layers of packing paper.

          You can stack glasses of the same size but don’t forget to put a layer of packing paper between them.

          check for empty space

          Step 6: Check For Empty Space

          Once each box is full, add several extra layers of packing paper on top of the box.

          When you start stacking these boxes inside the truck, this layer of cushion will help to prevent the top items in the box from breaking.

          Once it’s done, lift each box and shake it lightly. If you hear a noise, it means that there’s too much free space inside, and you need to add more packing paper between the gaps. Once it’s done, you can seal the box.

          Also, this is the time to use that marker and label your box as “Fragile” and “This Way Up.” Make sure these signs are large and prominent enough to not miss them in a hassle.


          By following these simple steps, you will significantly reduce the chances of your prized dishes and glasses breaking during your move. With a little extra care and attention, you can look forward to unpacking your items in your new home without any unwelcome surprises.


          What should you wrap glasses in when moving?

          The best wrap for glasses when moving is packing paper. Bubble wrap takes up too much space in the box, and newspapers can transfer ink onto the glasses if the box gets wet.

          How do you pack glasses for moving without paper?

          If you don’t have packing paper to pack glasses, you can use towels or newspapers. If you use towels, make sure they wrap glasses both inside and outside. If you use newspapers, make sure to keep the box dry during the move.

          Should glasses be packed upside down?

          Glasses can be packed any side up as long as the box has enough cushion inside and each glass is well-wrapped in packing paper, towels or newspapers.

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