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           In Packing

          Moving can be a nightmare when you have a lot of fragile items, like picture frames, that require special attention.

          Unlike pillows that you can throw in a moving box, not packing pictures properly is a sure way to find broken glass and torn prints after arriving in your new home.

          Luckily for you, we’ve prepared this easy 3-step guide on how to move your artwork and framed picture safely.

          Let’s get to it!

          prepare packing materials

          #1 Prepare Packing Materials

          As Abraham Lincoln mentioned in his famous quote, “Give me six hours to chop down a tree, and I’ll spend four sharpening the axe,” preparation is the key to success. This is also true for moving.

          You can’t move picture frames, artwork and other fragile items without the right supplies. If these items are transported without the right protection, they are much more likely to end up broken or damaged.

          To make sure your pictures arrive safely to their destination, you’ll need the following supplies:

          1. Moving boxes in multiple sizes
          2. Brown packing paper or Plastic food wrap
          3. Packing tape
          4. Bubble wrap
          5. Markers

          Before you buy cardboard boxes, make sure to measure your artwork. Remember that the picture will be wrapped in bubble wrap, so don’t buy boxes that will be too tight. Otherwise, they might fall apart during the move.

          If you can’t find a box of the right size, take apart several boxes and tape them together to create a custom box. Make sure to tape in several times at junctions to prevent parts from falling off during transportation.

          pack securely

          #2 Pack Securely

          It’s best to pack several days before the move to prevent the last-minute rush, where you won’t have enough time to pack everything properly.

          Here are 4 packings steps for your framed artwork:

          #1 Use Tape to Put “X” Over The Glass Surface

          This will prevent it from shattering into pieces and scratching your picture in case it brakes.

          #2 Cover the Entire Picture With Packing Paper or Plastic Wrap

          If you have plastic food wrap or commercial pallet wrap, cover your picture multiple times from both sides. Pay special attention to the corners, as these spots often get damaged.

          If you have packing paper, lay your picture glass side down against the paper piece that is at least twice bigger than your frame. Then wrap the ends of the paper around the frame, just like a present. Then tape it to make sure it stays on the same sport.

          #3 Add an Extra Layer of Bubble Wrap

          Make sure you’re wrapping so the bubbles are on the outside for cushioning, not pointing into the art. This will ensure the wrap protects the frame.

          #4 Fill the bottom of the box with extra packing paper to cushion the inside

          #5 Put Your Wrapped Frame into the Box and Test It

          After you place the frame into the box, try lifting the box and wiggling it a little bit to simulate the movement of a truck. If the frame moves too much, add paper or clothes into the box to secure the placement.

          #6 Seal The Box and Mark It as “Fragile” and “Glass”

          You can also add a place in the new house where you want movers to bring it, like the “Living Room.” This will make the job easier for everyone involved.

          load carefully

          #3 Load Carefully

          If you’re moving on your own, put all specialty boxes on a side before you start loading everything into a truck. This will ensure that fragile boxes are not stacked under heavy items, and they will less likely get damaged in transit.

          If you’ve hired professional movers, they will take care of it.

          additional tips

          Additional Tips

          Lastly, here are a couple of additional tips on how to pack picture frames:

          1. Try to pack larger pieces separately, and never put smaller picture frames in one box with large ones.
          2. Never wrap artwork or frames in the newspaper because newsprint can leave marks on the artwork.
          3. Don’t touch glass surfaces and paintings with bare hands during the moving process to prevent permanent smudges and fingerprints.
          4. Measure your frame sizes before packing to make sure you have enough time to get boxes of the right size for them.


          Now you know the 3 steps to the safe transportation of your artwork and framed pictures: getting moving supplies, securely packing individual frames, and safely loading them into the truck.


          How do you pack framed pictures for shipping?

          To pack framed pictures for shipping, you will need to cover them in food wrap or wrapping paper and then add a layer of bubble wrap over them. After that, you will need to place the wrapped frames into the moving boxes of an appropriate size.

          How do you pack big frames for moving?

          To pack big frames for moving, you need to find moving boxes of the right size. If you can’t access these boxes, you can create one yourself by tearing smaller boxes apart and taping them into a new one.

          How do I pack a lot of pictures for moving?

          When you have a lot of pictures for moving, it’s best to pack them individually. Especially when pictures are different in size. If you do pack them in one box, make sure to put crumpled packing paper between frames to prevent them from damaging each other.

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