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           In General information

          Tipping movers can be a sensitive topic and often very confusing.
          Knowing how much to tip and when it is appropriate can be particularly difficult, especially if you’re moving around Canada since most posts on this topic focus on the US.

          Fortunately, this blog post will walk you through the ins and outs of what needs to be considered when tipping your movers. We’ll cover who should receive tips, why tipping movers matters, and ultimately provide an answer for just how much to tip movers in Canada.

          Moving can be stressful enough as it is; let this blog post offer some guidance and make the process smoother for everyone involved!


          Should you tip Movers?

          While it is not required or expected to tip your movers, it is nonetheless a professional and courteous gesture to show appreciation for exceptional service.

          When you notice that your movers have gone above and beyond, putting in an extraordinary effort to ensure the safe and efficient handling of your belongings, tipping can be an effective way to express gratitude.

          Not only will this act of kindness reinforce positive behaviour and dedication to their work, but it also can create a lasting impression, potentially leading to more attentive and personalized service in the future.

          Also, considering that moving is a popular occupation among students, a small tip of $10-$20 can make no difference for you but be extremely valuable for them. Every dollar earned holds immense value for these diligent individuals, as it contributes to their academic dreams and ambitions.

          With a keen understanding of their financial constraints, your generous tip can make a significant impact and be highly appreciated by these hardworking students. By offering a reward that acknowledges their efforts, you support their immediate monetary needs and encourage their dedication to juggle work and education, ultimately contributing to their success.

          If you’ve enlisted the packing services of your moving company, it is a good idea to tip your packers as well. The packing day is usually on a different day than your moving day (a day or two before). Therefore, it could be a different team of movers that pack furniture and fragile items for you.

          When to avoid tipping movers

          Again, you should only tip your movers when you see that the service they are performing is at least above average. You should never tip them if they do any of the following :

          • Damage or break your items during loading, transportation, or unloading;
          • Don’t complete all the services you paid for;
          • Show up later than the agreed time without a good reason;
          • Act carelessly with your belongings or show disrespect;
          • Spend too much time on breaks and delay the process.

          If you are unhappy with the way your move was organized, or if you run into problems due to unprofessional movers, refusing to tip local movers is fully justified.

          Also, if you face issues related to the movers, do not hesitate to make a report to the company you hired. You will not only help yourself but also help the moving company do better work next time.

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          How Much Should You Tip Movers?

          The question of “How much should I tip my movers?” often arises when planning a move, and understandably so, as it can be a crucial aspect in expressing gratitude toward the professionals who carefully handle your belongings during a potentially stressful time.

          While there isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer to this query, there are 2 general ways you can calculate your average tip:

          Tipping by the total of your bill: A standard tip in Canada, in this case, is 10-20% of your final bill. This amount is calculated from the total sum in your invoice, and then the entire tip is divided among the movers. For example, a $1350 total bill with 3 movers = $45 per mover or $135 total.

          Tiping by the total hours of the move: This way, you calculate the tip for each mover individually based on the number of hours they worked or were on-site. Tipping around $5 per hour is common in Canada. For example, a 6-hour move with 3 movers = $30 per mover or $90 total.

          Factors to consider before tipping:

          • Did they have to spend extra time gathering your stuff?
          • How were the weather conditions? Was it a move during rain?
          • Did you have many heavy items that needed to go up/downstairs?
          • Were there any oversized items?
          • Did they have to disassemble/reassemble any items?
          • How many hours were the movers on-site?
          • Were they acting professionally and politely?

          Tipping long distance movers

          When it comes to long-distance moves, it’s best to choose a tip amount based on the number of hours the team spent on the job rather than a percentage of the final moving cost.

          One of the main reasons for this is that when relocating over long distances, it is highly likely that different teams of movers will perform the job (one team at the starting point, and another at a new location, while the driver can be the same).

          Thus, when deciding how much you can tip long distance movers, pay attention to the number of hours a particular moving crew has put into the moving and loading/unloading processes.

          Also, you typically will be tipping movers twice in such cases since different groups are doing the work. However, depending on the company you hire, one group of movers can do all the work as well.

          Tipping local movers

          Unlike long distance moves in the case of local moves, the whole process is usually more straightforward. The work is also done by one team of movers consisting of several people, including the driver.

          In this case, you can reference the two tipping methods above and choose whichever one you are more comfortable with.

          how much to tip movers canada

          When Should You Tip Movers?

          Choosing a time to give a tip is also up to you.

          If you’re moving locally, tipping the movers at the start of the job can provide extra motivation and incentivize them to make sure your needs are met. Tipping a mover at the end of the day ensures you are 100% satisfied with their work, making the tip more about your appreciation for their hard work.

          If you’re moving long distance, you will likely have different moving teams on either side. In this case, it’s wise to tip each moving team well after their part of the job is done.

          Tipping when you don’t have cash

          Carrying cash is becoming less and less common these days. If you find yourself in a situation where cash is not readily available for tipping, contact your moving manager and ask for an alternative solution.

          Many moving companies recognize the evolving needs of their clients and proactively offer the option to add tips directly to the final bill so that you can pay with your debit or credit card.

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          Other Ways You Can Show Appreciation

          While a cash tip is undoubtedly a considerate gesture to recognize the hard work of your movers, it is important to remember that it is not the sole means of showing gratitude. Demonstrating appreciation can take various forms.

          Here are 4 alternatives to tips:

          1. Provide drinks for your movers

          Providing your movers with refreshing drinks can be a thoughtful alternative, particularly during the sweltering summer months.

          The physical demands of moving heavy furniture can take a toll on even the most experienced professionals. Your gesture could go a long way in making their day more enjoyable and replenishing their energy.

          Hydration is crucial for maintaining peak job performance throughout, and by offering drinks to your movers, you are not only conveying your appreciation but also promoting their well-being and productivity throughout the moving process.

          2. Prepare snacks for your movers

          Taking the time to prepare snacks for these hardworking professionals can be an equally impactful gesture of gratitude.

          The physical demands of moving often extend over long periods of time, and providing some food can be a thoughtful way of acknowledging their labour and ensuring they remain energized throughout the day.

          3. Leave a review

          Leaving a long, detailed positive review for your movers can serve as an effective endorsement of their skill and professionalism.

          By sharing your positive experience, you inadvertently assist them in attracting a larger client base and, ultimately, increasing their income.

          In an era where potential customers rely heavily on reviews and testimonials, your efforts to publicly commend your movers can significantly enhance their reputation and contribute to their long-term success in the moving industry.

          4. Refer them to your friends and family

          Another impactful and long-lasting alternative is to actively refer these dedicated professionals to your close network of family members and friends who may be planning to move soon.

          By doing so, not only are you cementing your trust in the quality of their service, but you are also providing them with an opportunity for their continued success in their industry.

          stc movers loading a truck

          Final Thoughts

          Remember, whether you decide to tip your movers or not is entirely up to you.

          Ultimately, the most important thing is that you recognize their hard work and appreciate them for it. If you are looking for ways to show your appreciation, tipping is one way, but so is providing food and drinks after a long day’s work or leaving them a review online and referring them to others who could use their help.

          Overall, tipping should be seen more as an act of gratitude rather than obligation. Movers do a lot of hard work when it comes time to moving day, and they deserve our respect and recognition in some way or another.


          Is $100 a good tip for movers?

          $100 is a good tip for a team of professional movers when your total bill is at or below $1000. Generally, a good tip for movers is either 10% of your total bill or $5 per hour per mover.

          Do you tip moving guys Canada?

          You don’t have to tip moving guys in Canada. The decision of leaving a tip is totally up to you and should be done only when you’re satisfied with the service. A good rule for tipping movers in Canada is either 10% of your total bill or $5 per hour per mover.

          Is $25 a good tip for movers?

          $25 is a good tip for a team of movers when your total bill is at or below $250. In
          general, a good tip for movers is either 10% of your total bill or $5 per hour per

          Is $20 enough to tip movers?

          $20 is enough to tip a team of movers when your total bill is at or below $200.
          Generally, a good tip for movers is either 10% of your total bill or $5 per hour per

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