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          How to go about moving a hot tub

          Are you changing residences and want to take the hot tub in your back yard with you to your new home? Did you recently purchase a used hot tub and would like to move it into your back yard with no problems? Whether you need to move your hot tub to a neighboring city or over a long distance, you’re better of being prepared and knowing how to proceed. However, in the interests of your safety and peace of mind, it’s recommendable to hire specialized hot tub movers with all the necessary experience, expertise and equipment.

          The steps to moving a hot tub

          A hot tub, also called a spa, Jacuzzi or hydrotherapy tub, is a very heavy, bulky object weighing between 410 and 600 kilos. As such, you must take a number of precautions when moving it.

          Before moving a hot tub, you must make certain preparations in order to facilitate its transport and avoid any risk of damaging it. These include turning off the power supply, emptying and draining the pipes, washing and drying the tub and removing any detachable parts and accessories to reduce its weight to a minimum.

          Next, you’ll need to make sure you have all the proper equipment for moving your hot tub. This is extremely important, as it will prevent injuries and ensure your safety. The equipment you’ll need includes furniture dollies, a lifting system, sheets of plywood, moving straps, covers, and of course, a truck with an access ramp.

          The procedure to follow

          • With the help of several other people, lift the hot tub using a spa wedge.
          • Slide the sheets of plywood underneath.
          • Place the furniture dollies underneath the plywood.
          • Roll the hot tub to the truck.
          • Use the access ramp to load the hot tub onto the truck.
          • Protect the hot tub with moving quilts.
          • Secure the hot tub firmly in the truck so that it won’t move around and become damaged during transport. To do this, you can use straps or even place inflatable cushions around the sides.
          • Drive carefully to your destination, avoiding any abrupt turns or stops.
          • Once you reach your destination, perform the same steps, but in reverse order.

          Groupe STC inc.: the professional hot tub movers

          Don’t risk injuring yourself or damaging your hot tub while moving it! Contact the experts at Groupe STC inc.! Our teams of specialized movers are ready to offer you top-quality service that’s adapted to your needs. It would be our pleasure to advise you and give you a free estimate on moving your hot tub with utmost professionalism.

          We have the necessary experience, knowledge and equipment—including straps, covers, spa wedges, furniture dollies and a mobile crane—for moving even the most difficult items, so we can transport your hot tub safely and smoothly. What’s more, for your peace of mind, we have liability insurance to cover any damage we may inadvertently cause. In short, you won’t be taking any risks when you have us move your hot tub for you!