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          What’s the price of a residential move?

          Did you recently buy the home of your dreams or lease the perfect apartment? If so, you’ll need to start planning your future move as soon as possible. You’re probably wondering if you should do it yourself or call on the services of a professional moving company. Changing residences is never easy, even when you’re excited about it. It’s a source of stress, anxiety and fatigue, and it certainly requires a lot of organization. Professional movers are here to help make this task as easy and efficient as possible.

          But you’re probably wondering how much it will cost to have these specialists handle your move.

          Factors that influence the price of a residential move

          A number of elements come into play in determining the cost of a move. We’ll examine the principal ones below.

          The timing of the move
          Everybody knows that most moves in Quebec take place on July 1. As a result of this strong demand, prices will be higher during the months of June, July and August. Furthermore, many professional moving companies are completely booked during the summers. If you want to keep your costs down, think about moving during the fall or winter.

          The distance to travel
          When preparing an estimate, movers will take the distance between your old residence and your new one into consideration. A local move will naturally be less expensive than a long-distance move. What’s more, depending on the number of kilometers they’ll have to travel, some movers may add freight charges.

          The volume of items to move
          The more belongings you have, the more expensive your move will be. In fact, when determining the price of a move, professionals consider the quantity and volume of everything they’ll be transporting, including furniture, appliances, boxes, etc.
          So, before requesting an estimate, don’t hesitate to sort through your possessions and get rid of any items you don’t need.

          The duration of the move
          Most moving companies charge by the hour, so the more things you have to move and the larger your residence is, the longer your move will take and, consequently, the higher the bill will be.

          The various options chosen
          You’ll have the possibility of opting for full service, which includes disassembling and reassembling your furnishings, as well as packing and unpacking your belongings. However, you can also purchase these options separately, in addition to purchasing supplies, such as boxes, covers and protective tarps. You can even have some or all of your possessions put in storage. However, the more options you choose, the more expensive your move will be.

          Other factors
          Among other things, the configuration of your old and new residences (for example, the number of sharp corners), the number of floors to go up and down, the presence or absence of an elevator and any bulky objects you may have are also elements that will have an influence on the price of your move.

          The average cost of a move

          As we’ve demonstrated, the price of a residential move can vary considerably. To get the fairest and most accurate estimate, you should provide the movers with as much information as possible.

          For a local move, you should anticipate spending around $30 per hour per mover. Thus, the average cost of moving into a two-bedroom house or apartment will range from $550 to $630, plus surcharges.

          For a high-quality, efficient, worry-free residential move at a competitive price, call on the team of professionals at Groupe STC Inc.