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          When asked about the most stressful events in life, 45% of people list moving as a top one. Moving is stressful, but it’s more stressful when you procrastinate on your duties.

          You can relieve the stress by spreading out the duties over time. So if you want to move out of your apartment, you need a moving checklist.

          Our ultimate moving checklist guides you through the process, ensuring you complete every step at the right time. Do you want to reduce the stress of your upcoming move?

          You can do this using the following apartment moving checklist.

          family moving

          2 Months Before the Move

          Two months might seem like a long time, but it’s not when it comes to moving. Two months is sufficient for planning a move, and here are the most important steps to take at this point:

          Narrow Down the Moving Date

          If you’re moving out of an apartment and into another, you’ll likely move on the last day of the month. But you must determine your move-in date before you start working on the move.

          You should talk to your current and new landlord before determining this date. Your new landlord can tell you when the unit will be ready. Your current landlord can tell you when your lease ends.

          Of course, your lease likely ends on the last day of the month, while your new lease starts on the first day of the month. Thus, it would help if you worked out this discrepancy with your new landlord beforehand.

          Consider Your Work Schedule

          Once you set the date, look at your work schedule. Can you work the move into your life without adjusting your work schedule? Additionally, can you handle adding the move and working your normal schedule?

          Many people take a couple of days off work to complete their moves. If you decide to do this, talk to your employer two months ahead of time to ensure you can get the time off.

          Calculate Your Budget

          Hiring a company to move you from one apartment to another will cost $550 to $630 on average. While that’s not a ton of money, it’s enough that you’ll need to plan for it.

          In addition to paying a moving company, you’ll incur other moving costs. Add these up to determine how much to budget for them. Then, you can plan the moving budget accordingly.

          Notify Your Landlord

          Two months before moving out of an apartment is the ideal time to speak with your current landlord. When you talk to them, tell them your plans to move out. Then work out an arrangement for dates and times.

          Your landlord might require your intentions of vacating in writing. First, look at your lease for its requirements, then talk to your landlord. These steps will help you complete the move-out process correctly.

          Start Purging

          While you’ll still have two months before moving, now is the time to start preparing your things. Purging is one of the best steps to take at this time.

          Work through each room in your home, including closets and cabinets, and get rid of things you don’t need or want. Packing will be much easier if you start this process now.

          family planning a move

          1 Month Before the Move

          One month before your move is another milestone in the moving process. At this point, you only have four weeks left to settle your moving plans, so here are the steps you must take at this point:

          Sign Your New Lease

          Renting an apartment requires signing a lease. The lease outlines the contractual arrangement between you and the landlord. You must sign a new lease before moving into a new place.

          It will help if you contact the new landlord a month before moving to schedule a meeting. During this meeting, they might let you see the apartment again and ask you to sign the lease.

          Make sure you read the lease thoroughly before signing it and ask for a copy.

          Change Your Address

          If you currently receive mail at your apartment, you must put in a change of address request to change your mailing address in your local post office.

          Doing this a month in advance ensures you’ll receive all your mail. Performing this task with the Canadian Government requires completing a form. The form asks for your name, current, and new address.

          Once you submit it, they’ll forward your mail to your new address, giving you time to update your address with your friends and creditors.

          Decide on Your Furniture

          Now is also an excellent time to start thinking about your furniture. For example, what furniture will you bring to your new apartment, and what will you eliminate?

          To decide these things, you must know the room dimensions of your new place. The measurements can help you determine if your furniture will fit. If it won’t, you should get rid of some items and buy new ones.

          You might also decide to update to new furniture when moving. If this is the case, you can decide what to do with your old items. For example, you can give them away, donate, or sell them.

          Get the Packing Supplies Needed

          It would also help to acquire some packing supplies at this time. You’ll need a few basic items to pack your belongings, including boxes packing paper and tape. You might also need stuffing material for your delicate items.

          You can also use items you already have for packing. For example, you can stuff things in suitcases or totes.

          Call Your Insurance Company

          Do you have renter’s insurance on your current apartment? If so, change your plan to cover your new apartment.

          However, you should consider buying a renter’s insurance plan for your new apartment if you don’t have insurance coverage.

          Renter’s insurance protects your things. For example, if a fire breaks out in your apartment building, it could destroy your items. Without renters insurance or a renter’s policy, you would have no coverage for your things.

          Line Up Your Moving Company

          The next task to handle a month before moving is to line up your moving company services. Moving is easier when you pay someone to transport your things.

          Once you choose a company, lock in the date. They might require a deposit to lock in the date, but you can pay the rest after they complete the work.

          On a moving day, you should have a tip ready for the professional movers. Tipping movers is a kind gesture they appreciate.

          Seek Help From Friends

          You’ll need additional help on a moving day even if you hire a moving company. So ask your friends and family if they’re willing to help. If so, tell them the date and time so they can mark it in their schedules.

          Pack Your Things

          Finally, the best time to start packing is a month before your move. You can begin by packing things you won’t need for a few months. Then you can move on to other items.

          You should read some packing hacks to learn how to pack your things properly. For example, use a code system to label your boxes.

          family packing for moving

          2 Weeks Before the Move

          You’ll also have a few things to do two weeks before the move. Here are the primary steps:

          Continue Packing

          You should have most of your packing done by this point. However, you can’t pack everything. After all, you still have two more weeks to go.

          But you should continue packing your things. The goal is to have almost everything packed a few days before moving day.

          Donate, sell, or give away any items you don’t want to bring to your new apartment, if necessary. You can generate some cash to help pay for the move if you can sell some things.

          Transfer or Set Up the Utilities

          Two weeks before moving day is also ideal for setting up your new utilities.

          You might need to transfer them if you’re moving somewhere close. If you’re moving far away, you might need to contact new utility companies.

          This is also a good time to compare prices from various utility companies. After all, you might save money by switching to a new utility provider.

          Talk to Your Landlord

          Now is also the right time to contact one landlord one more time. The purpose of the call is to remind them you’re moving out of the unit.

          Another purpose is to schedule an apartment inspection. Most landlords perform move-out inspections, which determine if they give back the security deposits.

          You can be at this inspection and ask questions during it.

          Seek Storage if You Need It

          Many people rent storage units when moving. These units allow people to store things they can’t put in their homes. For example, you could use one for furniture you want to keep but can’t fit in your new apartment.

          Thus, look into storage options. You can choose from various sizes, and the goal is to find the right size for your needs.

          dog in a moving box

          3 Days Before the Move

          At this point, you’re really close to moving day. You’ll probably feel excited, but you shouldn’t feel overwhelmed.

          After all, you only have a few more tasks:

          Pack a Moving Day Bag

          The last few days before the move will include some last-minute steps, including packing a moving day bag. You keep this bag with you on moving day, and it contains all the essential items you need.

          For example, pack a few sets of clothes in this bag. In addition, pack the personal hygiene products you’ll need and your medications. You should also pack phone chargers, sheets, and a pillow.

          The goal is to pack everything you’ll need for two days. Doing this prevents you from digging through your boxes to find essentials.

          Finish Packing

          You’ll also have to finish packing your things during this time. You shouldn’t have much left to pack, but you’ll have a final walk through some things.

          There are always last-minute items to pack, as they’re things you likely need to use until the last minute.

          Clean Your Current Apartment

          Finally, clean your apartment. Of course, you can hire a cleaning company if you don’t have time or don’t have cleaning supplies. Cleaning your apartment is vital, and your security deposit depends on it.

          Schedule a Move-In Tour

          It might be wise to talk to your new landlord about scheduling a move-in tour. In addition, you should use a move-in checklist to document the new apartment building’s condition and flaws to protect yourself.

          stc movers loading a truck

          After the Move

          Moving day is only one day, and it only takes a few hours if you hire a moving truck or company. But you will have some work cut out for you after you move into your new apartment:

          Unpack and Settle In

          The most obvious task you’ll have after moving in is unpacking your things. This process can take a few days or weeks, depending on how much stuff you have.

          Settling into your new unit is important. However, you’ll have an easier time if you start unpacking as soon as you move into the unit.

          Explore the Area

          If you move to a new neighborhood or area, you can also take some time to explore it. After all, you’ll need businesses to utilize.

          For example, do you need a place to do your laundry? If so, look around the area to find the nearest laundromat.

          You can also look around for your options with other professional services, grocery stores, pharmacies, and restaurants.

          Invite Your Friends and Family Over

          Finally, you could host a housewarming party once you get settled into your new place. You can invite your friends and family to see your new apartment, and you can offer food and drinks.

          Moving into a new place is an excellent reason to host a get-together, even if it’s just for a few people.

          Use This Apartment Moving Checklist to Stay on Top of Your Upcoming Moving Process

          As you can see, spreading out the duties over two months will alleviate stress from this major event. Then, with proper planning and hard work, you can move into your new apartment stress-free.

          Contact STC Movers if you need help. We can handle some of your duties, making your move even easier.

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